【English】J.S.A. SAKE DIPLOMA English Second Edition

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<J.S.A. SAKE DIPLOMA教本英語版が2021年4月26日に改訂>
*J.S.A. SAKE DIPLOMA日本語 Second Edition(2020年発行)の翻訳版となります。

和食及び世界の料理と日本酒の相性を、会長 田崎真也自らが詳細に解説。

A revised version of J.S.A. SAKE DIPLOMA English Textbook is released on April 26, 2021.
It adopts wine tasting approach such as outlooking, flavor aroma, and taste in conformity with those of wine. The terminology for expression can be as in common as with that of wine, so that we aim at global standardization of sake tasting. Mr. Shinya Tasaki, the president of the J.S.A., himself explains in detail about pairing between Sake and Japanese cuisine as well as world cuisine.
He introduces 151 items of Japanese cuisine including Sashimi, sushi, soup, grilled dish, deep fried dish, steamed dish, one-pot meal (steamboat), aemono (vegetables, fish, or shellfish dressed with miso sesame, or vinegar, vinegared dish and seasonal delicacy.
He also introduces various items of French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (each category includes starter, fish and shellfish crustacean and meat) and cheese.
Thoroughly explained are main materials for Sake making, rice and water, as well as brewing methods and brewing processes by using charts and photos.
We also clearly explain about the relation between the causes and results of the precise effect of each brewing process, so that you will be able to understand the refined brewing techniques of Japanese Sake.
In this fully revised edition, explanation on the main production areas of Sake is added along with an enriched part of Shochu and Awamori with suggestions on paring with cuisines around the world.

【廃版】FIRST EDITION September 15,2017
【旧版】FIRST EDITION revised MAY 31,2019

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